It’s okay if you do not understand what a lead is – we’ll explain it to you. But if after finding out you still stop working on your contact base, you are missing out on huge opportunities to win Ameriplan Leads customers! I bet you already have leads and you do not even know!

Hello friends of the Fresh Lab blog! Welcome back to content that can make a difference in the way of your business! Today we are going to talk about that possible base of contacts that you have somewhere and it is not being worked!

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But nothing to put the car in front of the oxen. Let’s take a step back and better understand what a LEAD really is.

What is a lead?
If you search Google, you’ll find a number of similar and distinct definitions of what a lead is. In designing what we do here at Fresh, we consider as “lead” a contact of a person potentially interested in a product, service or solution of your company.

This contact need not necessarily be the person’s email address. We are talking a lot lately about the importance of using WhatsApp correctly to conduct digital marketing campaigns.

That is, if you have the phone number of people who have already contacted you, you already have the opportunity to create something to resume contact with these same people.

How to properly work your leads
In that sense, it does not matter much whether you will be doing email marketing or WhatsApp campaigns. To get back in touch with customers who are already interested in you, you need to deliver your best content to them.

Of course you can also trigger email and promotional messages in those campaigns. But becoming attractive again to the public through content is something that will make the purchase something much more valuable and desired by your lead.

Content campaign tips
Understand by content any relevant information that you deliver to your audience without charging anything for it. They can be curiosities about your market segment, news related to the trends of what sells, memes when they fit in your communication strategy, among other options.

It is important to keep in mind that when you offer relevant content to your target audience, it is best not to charge for it. Deliver what you have the best and win the consideration of those who seek practical solutions to solve their problems.

You can be sure that your shared knowledge has a lot more value than a business secret stored with 7 keys, okay? 21st century friends!

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Other ideas
If you do not know how to properly compose content campaigns about your segment, you can work with more “common” campaigns:

Birthdays of the month have some kind of advantage, discount, toast, surprise.
Seasonal dates: accompany calendar of celebrations to make thematic campaigns
Giveaway of movie tickets of the moment – seek to partner with movie theaters or else designate a monthly allowance to get tickets and raffle among your leads.
Discount coupons.
Working with a cold base of contacts can be a longer work, until the return is seen. Also, you should prepare to have blocked and invalid contacts – this is common.

Do not be scared too if people ignore you. Sometimes customers change their minds. But do not be discouraged! You can work conquering new leads at any time with a lead generation campaign! But that’s a subject for the next post.