Inbound links have always been a very important factor in search engine positioning. With Google Penguin 4.0 they remain so. Discover all the types of links you must take into account to improve the SEO of your website and how to use them in your strategy. President and CEO Email Database Next, David Ayala of Soywebmaster, explains all the factors and tips that you must take into account so that the incoming links play a fundamental role in your web positioning strategy.


Links and ASO App Traffic What is a link?
For practical purposes, a link is an access door that we open from one web to another web, or from one page to another page. In the beginning, the meaning of the links was to be able to navigate from one website to another as a recommendation.

That is, one website linked to another because it was another website with interesting content, because it had something relevant to offer users.President and CEO Email Database


However, it soon became also a very widespread tool for SEO, to improve the positioning of websites in search engines, thanks to those “recommendations”.

PlanningFactors important in the links
URL where the link is placed
A very important factor of the links is where they are going to be placed, in what area of ​​the web they will place it. It is not the same as placing our link in a hidden internal area of ​​the web where there is no visibility or users, to put our link on the home page of the website where there is maximum visibility and maximum number of users browsing.


Thematic of the web
The theme of the web where the link is placed is of the utmost importance. It is not the same that they put our link in a web of our same theme, to put our link in a web of a totally different theme to ours.

If the web is of our same theme, that “recommendation” of which we have been talking, will be completely natural, it will be normal.


Link position
The position of the link on the page where it is placed is very important. It is not the same as the link is at the end of the web to be at the beginning, just as it is not the same areas than others on the web.


Anchor text
The anchor text is the text with which the link is placed. This is something very important in the links since our success or failure may depend on it. Traditionally it has been abusing anchor text of the keyword we wanted to position and that has led to an evolution in the form of penalties for over optimization of the anchor text profile. That is why we have to be very careful with the anchor text that we choose.


Close text
Every time Google is more semantic, it is smarter, it knows how to interpret the contents of the webs better, and therefore it also knows how to interpret the contents that surround our link. That is why it will be much more natural that the text that surrounds our link has a reference or relationship of what is on our website.