In Medicine, it is common to find out what are the side effects of medications; for example, anti-inflammatories and gastritis, chemotherapy and hair loss,   buy youtube views  etc. By law, the effects literature accompanies the medication. Unfortunately, in education this does not happen. Successful pedagogical strategies are applied without warning of their short or long-term side effects, and then the consequences of the application of wrong strategies are lamented.

For example, congratulating the students for their high achievements can encourage them to continue obtaining these achievements, but not infrequently at the cost of starting to look for the simplest tasks so as not to run the risk of failing and not receiving the expected recognition. Training students for math or reading tests can improve their scores, although at the expense of mechanized for these tests, adjust to their format and get used to the type problems. With this, his original thinking, creativity and ability to explore alternative and unconventional routes to solve problems is reduced; In addition, the areas that are not evaluated are discredited and disregarded, as happened with the ECE.

Using notes and order of merit can stimulate the effort of some students; but it can also intimidate, discourage and embarrass others; Thus, strong tensions between peers are created, typical of competition situations, facilitating bullying and damage to the climate of coexistence.Image result for buy youtube views

It is important that expert educators and non-economists, lawyers or sociologists lead the decisions on pedagogical strategies of Minedu.