The emergency situation in some provinces of the center of the country is maintained. To the problem of agriculture is added in recent days the danger of villagers before huaicos, landslides and flooding of rivers, all product of heavy youtube views

In Junín not only collapsed the Yanango tunnel, which connects the mountains with the central jungle, but also floods in Satipo and San Martin de Pangoa. In Huánuco, two girls disappeared in the Huallaga river before the flood of these waters. In Huancavelica, miraculously and thanks to the help of the police, something similar did not happen. Villagers tried to cross a stream in Julicamarca, but a stream of the Cachi River was activated and they were trapped in the middle of the water. Happily the troops did everything possible to save them.

The regional governors and mayors have already more than a month in their respective positions, but have shown signs of alarming inaction. Most continue to blame the previous management of all problems and distracting themselves with other issues.

In Junín, the Regional Department of Transportation and Communications reported that it does not have specialized machinery to deal with emergencies and that there is a lack of budget. Meanwhile, regional governor Vladimir Cerrón is more dedicated to a national agenda, with the aim of boosting his left party as an electoral alternative in 2021. In Huancavelica,Image result for buy youtube views before a disaster scenario, the regional governor Maciste Díaz will leave for Europe . In Huánuco, Juan Alvarado transcends more because of the scandals surrounding himself with officials who mistreat women and allowing family members to intervene in matters of management. They must understand that the fate of many people depends on their success or mistakes. They won the last elections because they embodied a change to the previous.