It is no longer news to anyone that Content Marketing is one of the healthiest ways to attract new customers to your business using the internet. Here are some practical examples Buy Bitcoin Email Leads of how to make content with your company’s products and services.

How did you get to this content? Even if it was not through an organic search on Google, we daily serve people who access our site after reading some article on our blog.

This is content marketing . When we publish here, about some product, service, information or digital strategy, we are demonstrating to potential customers that we are good at it.

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In addition to attracting potential customers by delivering relevant content, we position ourselves as a company that is not afraid to say how things are done. We prefer to share all possible knowledge through blog posts.

No wonder our writing team has content scheduled for production until February 2019. We are obsessed with organic results, and we already understand that our little place in Google will always be available as long as we produce with quality.

How to produce content with YOUR product / service
Now that we’ve talked a little bit about Fresh’s organic growth strategy, we would like to close this topic by saying that every organic result that we reap today is the fruit of years of blog maintenance. This requires a lot of discipline from who is producing.

Have you ever thought how a product of your company can become a blog content? Know that for any market segment there are doubts, and that these doubts can be solved by your company through a blog content.

We hammered into the issue of blog content, but this is not the only way to produce content. You can work with videos that may also appear well positioned in Google organic results. Or, deliver your information in e-book’s, spreadsheets, infographics, guides and other formats.

There are simple ways to tailor a business solution to a story – and that’s what Content Marketing does. Storytelling strategy involves the visitors of your page and creates proximity to those who until then only know your site.

Creating engaging story – rather than lying or fanciful about your products or services is a great way to make people see that you’re an expert at what you do. And this is not about talking about your solution being the best on the market, but exploring other points of the business, such as why.

“People are no longer buying what you sell to them. They buy the why you sell them. ”

Content Marketing
Today at Fresh Lab we have some Digital Marketing strategies that are resulting in great customers. And also in market recognition – because, once again, those who produce content on the web stand as a specialist.

People want to know more than the price and description of what it is offering. The public is tired of more of the same. Content Marketing has the potential to make any acquisition more attractive.

In addition to all these advantages in working on a long term strategy with content production, we have the fact that content marketing can help you to solve years problems in your business.

Do you have some kind of product or service that always causes the same doubt on the customers? You know that question you’re already tired of answering? It is exactly these subjects that can become blog content on your website.

It makes sense to you that if several people have already asked you the same question, are there any other ones searching about it on the internet?

The truth is that people will always search on Google, you being there with a good content link to answer, or not. If the visitor does not find the answer with you, you may find it on some competing website.

Cases Publications
If your business has already served at least one customer successfully, you can turn that experience into content for your blog.

Working with the publication of successful cases in your business generates more confidence in the visitors. But beware, when you publish a case you must report well everything that happened at the time. This includes failures – which make the story even more interesting.