Here’s how to create a channel in Instagram for your business. This tool has come to revolutionize the way optometrist accurate email list commercial accounts impact their followers with video content. Know more.

This week, Instagram has released an update on its application that allows the creation of a channel within the platform for disseminating longer videos.
The enormous potential of the channel for creators of content was already being explored by Instagram with several resources that made the social network grow a lot in the last year. The novelty is already being adopted by several accounts of influencers and major brands in their profiles.

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How to create a channel on Instagram
One important thing to say is that IGTV is not just an update of Instagram. It is a platform and can be downloaded even in a separate application. However, you do not have to do it if you do not want to. You can update your app and select the option on your screen that your icon is a television.

On your home screen, you’ll see the creators you follow who are already using the platform.
If you have not yet created your channel, on this same screen you will find a gear button, clicking on it you will see the option “Create Channel”. Follow the steps on the screen and you’ll see how simple it is to create your account.

Created for vertical
IGTV has definitely hit the headlines with Youtube. It is not today that Facebook and Instagram companies have been creating alternatives for creators to use their platforms. IGTV comes up with a different and very practical proposal regarding Youtube.

Some influencers are already proposing exclusive videos by IGTV and leaving another version for Youtube. What will the video giant propose to have the preference of creators and viewers?

Just follow the news and updates of them to know! We have eyes and open applications.