How much does it cost to develop an application? This is the most recurring question for anyone who wants to create an app. Although it sounds simple, this question is very complicated to answer. The problem is that there are many factors involved in developing a mobile application.
Labor is only the first and most basic of these factors. There is a very big difference between hiring a freelancer from a development team and hiring an agency specializing in Veterinary Email List apps, for example. Having an application that requires a structured back-end server or integrated APIs can drastically vary the value of an app that is fully autonomous. Of course the costs may vary according to each request.
How do I know if this amount I am paying is fair? Is it cheap or expensive? These are other questions that are in the minds of those who request the development of an application. Also, whoever is investing in this service will prefer an ROI that is at least satisfactory.
Check out some variables that in the price of application development:
Quality: In practice, all applications should always be of the highest quality and meet the expectations of the requester. The team needed to develop an application basically involves a developer (sometimes one for Android and one for iOS), a project manager, a designer, a web developer and a backend developer (some web developers can also develop the backend ). Often, companies do not have a complete team or specialized professionals to do the development. Therefore, they offer cheaper prices but the quality is compromised. That way, the higher the level of quality the application has, the more expensive it gets.

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Design: This question directly affects what the user experience will look like when using it. This can determine the failure or success of the application. This is because users want something that makes their life easier, not that it complicates even more.
Monetization: There are some types of application monetization. They can be free and include advertising. They can be paid for and offer services such as tuition and packages. There are still those that allow in-app sales, such as an e-commerce, which can be considered one of the most expensive types. This is because you need to ensure a certain level of security in the dealings made within that type of app.
Login and user profile: Typically, most applications initially require the user to register and log in before using the available features. The need for the user to have to log into the application using email and / or social networks and the creation of a profile also increases the value.
Integration with website and administrative panel: Often the app itself is just the tip of the complete solution’s iceberg. In this way, it is normal to have integrations with websites and administrative panels that feed your content, process and do all the tutoring of the data that is presented in the application.
Multilingual, bilingual or a single language: Which languages ​​will it support? Is it an English / Portuguese app? This issue is important because preparing an application that supports more than one language is additional work in the development process and may require even a professional translator / interpreter. So in this case, the value increases as well.
These are just the basics. Even so, you can already have an idea of ​​what should be considered in the quotation. This without forgetting that the cost for an application involves UX, design, development, initial project management, among others. You will still have a minimum budget required for continuous upgrades and even some server costs.
As you have seen, there are many factors that must be taken into account when calculating the cost of an application. Therefore, do not believe in budgets that present very attractive values. It is best to trust the development of your application to those who really understand the subject and have success stories to prove it. An agency like Fresh Lab! Visit our website , check out our solutions and request a free quote. Talk to our team about your application and receive a personalized proposal specially designed for your idea.