The Peruvian fishing industry will develop, for the first time, a sustainability report under the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), buy youtube views  a prestigious institution that in 2018 signed an agreement with the National Fisheries Society (SNP) for the development of this transcendental report.

What does this mean? The preparation of a GRI report involves identifying and prioritizing the industry’s stakeholders, as well as understanding their concerns regarding the sustainability of our activities.

By 2017, only 50 large companies in Peru reported their work under this methodology. One of these companies is our associate TASA, which in 2018 fulfilled 10 years of presentation of its GRI sustainability reports. Through these reports, the actions, the level of economic performance, the relationship with local communities and environmental commitment are reported, among other aspects.

Other partners such as Austral Group and CFG Copeinca use the GRI indicators regularly in the preparation of their annual reports, thus showing their commitment to transparency.

This report will allow us as SNP to show -to Peru and the world- that the Peruvian fishing industry is the first interested in the sustainability of resources, that carries out a responsible activity with the environment and that maintains a harmonious coexistence with the population that lives in fishing areas. It will also allow us to prioritize actions to be better and better in sustainability, and respond to the concerns and approaches of our stakeholders.Image result for buy youtube views