About a year ago, we wrote about how to create and maintain a good digital reputation. It seems that most companies have not fully understood the importance of this strategy in Dental Leads the digital environment.

Hello friends of the Fresh Lab blog, how are you? Today we are going to talk about a very important subject that affects most of the companies that are looking for us to provide service. The digital reputation.

We know that reputation is nothing more than “what other people talk about or think about us,” or about our company, product, or service. And on the internet these same people are much more encouraged to contribute their feedback, be it positive or negative.

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Caring for and broadening your digital reputation makes the purchasing decision process much easier for new customers. Meanwhile, it serves to further strengthen its existing customers and strengthen the company’s image.

Digital Reputation
Surely you have experienced this situation or know someone who gave up a purchase for not having found good information from a company on the internet. Nowadays this is more common than most people realize.

And here we are not only talking about the power of positive ratings, but of demonstrating that your company is really present and engaged in the digital environment. This makes new consumers more confident in your service or product.

Understanding the importance of your digital reputation , let’s go to five topics to reflect on the status of your business.

Digital reputation guides people’s perception of your business
There is no way friend. It may be that we are living something “Black Mirror”, but positive ratings and engagement in your social channels give more credit to your business. It’s no use having the best product on the market when your social networks are out of date or out of date. If your market is there, you simply do not exist for them.

2. Where is your audience? That’s where you need to work on your digital reputation.
This is a very important point on this subject and you need to think about it. Is your potential audience on Facebook? If the answer is yes, that is where you will work to build a good reputation online.

Otherwise, do not spend time, resources or money on networks that do not give you feedback. We have a customer who converts a lot to Google for example, as they are from the industry segment, and other companies are looking for their solutions on the Search Network.

That is, if people prefer you to Google, you need to make sure people have a good experience when they search for you. They find a solid and reliable company also on the web.

3. It’s no use thinking people will not go online
Let’s imagine that you do not even do any kind of digital marketing for your company and work with banner advertising. There is nothing wrong, moreover, in working with this type of media when you have a well-planned strategy.

But it ‘s a lot of innocence to think that anyone who’s interested in you will not search for your company on Google or Facebook, Instagram. What these people find is their online reputation. And they’ll look, you can be sure of that.

4. If your company is not something in real life, it’s best not to try it on the internet
This is an interesting case to think about. In one of our internal researches for Digital Planning production, we find an example of a company that in digital was one thing and in the physical store was totally different.

You must imagine that, people who were impacted by an attractive marketing, had a great disappointment when they were to the physical point. Of course they went back to complain on the internet.

So be very careful what you talk about your company on the internet. If you sell “quality care”, those who are attracted to it will not accept less than excellence.

5. Your digital reputation is also important from the point of view of other companies
Business-to-business is also influenced by their presence on the internet. Not so rare, companies that stop doing business with another because of their position on the web.

Having a good digital reputation is a strategic issue.
Actions to engender engagement , relevant and true content to your audience have the potential to bring consistent results to your business.