After almost a year, they came back: digital marketing tips for your segment! Today we are going to give some digital marketing tips to pizzeria ! Beware of the example photos, List of Timeshare Owners they’re mouth watering!

Some say pizza is always a good idea. It’s hard to disagree with rsrs. If you have a pizzeria, today we separate some tips that can help you better position your pizzeria on the internet.

Even if your business is small and you only serve a specific region, it’s no excuse not to be well placed on the internet. With these simple tips you can stand out from your competitors and still facilitate communication with your end customer!

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Digital marketing for pizzeria
Start by considering that even though your customers are not currently involved with their social networks, they are critical to keeping communication on track with your audience. Also consider that if one of your clients nominates your pizzeria for a friend, possibly that person will look up the name of your pizzeria on the internet, and that is exactly the point many businesses are failing.

See, to have the minimum necessary to win customers online does not cost much. Just a little research and whimsy about what you want to show for people who are looking for you. Let’s start with the basics.

Google My Business Tab
Is not it great when you search for a company on Google and the search result shows you a box containing various relevant information about the business? You can use this feature of Google My Business to gain more authority when people search for you on the internet.

To create your Google My Business account you need to have an email from Gmail and register your establishment with the information you want people to see. You do not even have to have a website to have a good listing on Google My Business.
This feature is especially interesting if you already have a Facebook page with positive ratings because this tool also displays your page information.

This is one of the simplest ways to showcase your pizzeria to potential customers, and provide a good user experience when it searches for your name on Google. Take the test and see the difference between a business you have and one that does not have this feature.

Page on Facebook
Probably your pizzeria already has a fanpage, because it’s kind of “rule” that every business owns one. Even if your fanpage has a low engagement, you can use it to attract and retain your customers.

How about an on-site promotion linking on-site sales and Facebook? Check in at the pizzeria and get a complimentary complementary from the house , etc. This kind of interaction makes the friends of your customers see that he is in his pizzeria, helping to advertise his business.