Did you leave the campaigns for Valentine’s Day for the last moments? Here are some inspiring actions for that date and what you can enjoy for your business!

Hello friends and friends, readers of the Fresh Lab blog, how are you?

How did you get to that content, we figured Aged Direct Mail Leads you’re looking for some inspiration for Valentine’s Day campaigns, right? We hope so.

The truth is that this is another one of those dates that, with the right campaign, can give a very significant return to your business.

We know that not all segments can take advantage of this date to promote their products or services. But we also know that many service companies and many types of businesses can take advantage of that special day.

Let’s see below some brands as referrals for campaigns for Valentine’s Day.

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Campaigns for Valentine’s Day
For a brand of toothpaste it’s not very difficult to create a mega-campaign for Valentine’s Day, is not it? In one of their campaigns, they created a platform where the boyfriends could dedicate songs to each other, paying their romantic tributes.

People would log in with Facebook, mark a place that resembled the person and link to a Spotify song. Show, right?

Bringing it to our reality:
How about creating a publication driven on Facebook or Instagram , with the goal of engagement. Ask people to profile your love and dedicate a song to them right there in the comments? It’s a way to bring this audience closer to your brand and be remembered, even if you’re not selling any product directly.

2. Uber
This mega company also should not have much limit on campaigns for Valentine’s Day. In its latest action, the app created the option “Serenata”: limited trips worth $ 10 with sparkling wine, roses, balloons and other treats that Uber loves to give to its users.

Bringing it to reality:
Okay, let’s imagine you do not have all the money that Uber has to invest in such a campaign. But, how about bringing the concept to your business and promoting a raffle worth a special promotion promoted by your business?

You can put conditions. Above a purchase value the couple competes, or in signing / contracting a service of your company.

3. The Apothecary
These suggestions for Valentine’s Day campaigns are bringing examples of the giants, is not it? The Boticario group also bet on the songs, and made a partnership with Spotify. The company created a site where people could build their own playlist.

What was a little different from CloseUp is that on the Boticario campaign website the songs were created based on the person’s name and it was possible to customize it with three musical style options.

If this idea for your Valentine’s Day campaign inspires you, how about promoting a cultural contest? Love can easily make lovers of composers!

Another examples
Generally, the Valentine’s Day campaigns that gain more visibility in recent years are those that break down taboos and biases about relationships in general.

Campaigns promoting diversity, mutual respect and gender equality are wagers to gain prominence on this date, even if your business is small. It is also a good opportunity to position your company with these values.

What did you think of the tips? Is there still time to plan on something? Do not stay out of that date!